CUPs Coffeehouse

Coffee and Catering With a Cause in Baltimore

CUPs Coffeehouse is dedicated to bringing you great coffee and food.  Through food and beverage sales we are committed to creating opportunities for local youth and to building community.  CUPs works directly with Project I CAN, a program of Fusion Partnerships, to provide hands on workforce development for disconnected youth living in Baltimore City. 

Our Purpose

CUPs (Creating Unlimited Possibilities) got its start from a passion and a problem -- a passion for great lattes and helping young people realize their full potential, and the problem that neither was readily available in the Hollins Market neighborhood where co-founders Holly and Brian Gray live. They created CUPs Coffeehouse as an answer for both.

At CUPs Coffeehouse, we believe that without additional opportunities to gain necessary job, communication, and life skills, a legacy of unemployment, insufficient income levels, above-average arrest rates, and parental absenteeism will continue. Job opportunities must be made accessible to people who want to want to break these cycles, in an environment focused on training and developing practical job and life skills that are transferable to any career or life circumstance. 

CUPs Coffeehouse, we're about more than just great coffee!

CUPs accomplishes this purpose by partnering with Fusion to support and house Project I CAN. Youth interns receive direct training and mentoring. They gain the experience, technical and social skills necessary in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Additionally, interns gain valuable leadership skills through planning, organizing and implementing Community Engagement Projects.

Every time you order CUPs Coffeehouse coffee or catering, you are supporting our mission to change lives in our community!

To reach CUPs Coffeehouse call 410-685-2878 or email