CUPs Coffeehouse

Coffee and Catering With a Cause in Baltimore

CUPs Coffeehouse is dedicated to bringing you great coffee and food.  Through food and beverage sales we are committed to creating opportunities for local youth and to building community.  CUPs works directly with Project I CAN, a program of Fusion Partnerships, to provide hands on workforce development for disconnected youth living in Baltimore City. 

Roughly Speaking: Race and the brain, Baltimore's Social Entrepreneurs (Episode 37)

Being a part of the nonprofit community in Baltimore is pretty special - we get to work with some incredible organizations and change makers throughout the city, and  together we are better able to help facilitate a better, strong Baltimore from the ground up. CUPs Coffeehouse is proud to partner with Baltimore Corps, who has provided us with one of their strategic Fellows to help us further our program mission of employing more disconnected youth in Baltimore City

Fagan Harris, the founder of Baltimore Corps, discusses their program's strategic partnership with CUPs Coffeehouse in this podcast from the Baltimore Sun, linked here. Feel free to forward to minute 32:00, where Harris talks about making Baltimore the social change capital of America" and how CUPs Coffeehouse is a part of that plan

To learn more about Baltimore Corps our and the awesome things they do for Baltimore City, click here. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about CUPs' own Baltimore Corps Fellow, Chelsea Tucker, click here!